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  1. I'm the pervinator xD ?

  2. Okay enjoy too. I have a race so I have to hurry for last minute tweaks and tune ups. Later. <3

  3. I'm going out in a bit, but I'll be back after 4 hours. Can you please wait for me till' I get back? Thanks baby.

  4. I said I'll be in touch did I not? That means I will.

  5. I won't be online for a few days, but i'll keep in touch.

  6. Okay then, lemme know when you wanna talk. Don't sweat them, just be happy and close your ears.

  7. The original plan is to destroy you first then the rest of the world my friend.

  8. Seems that your message inbox is full. H-Bday.

  9. Me no Balbon Dx.... "Tots" o.o...

  10. Hanna are you online MSN ?

  11. I'll have it removed within this hour. Sorry about that, a bit queezy after work.

  12. It is always possible to get what we want, that depends on how much we want it bro. Strength and honor to you.

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