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  1. Julia Schmidt

    Anniversary & Valentine's Event

    BG shop
  2. Julia Schmidt

    Emergency Maintenance

    server is up.
  3. Julia Schmidt

    Warmaster's Badge bug?

    Tested it for over an hour and it seems that the "awaken" doesn't activate. And the description says [+ Executioner's Set]. Maybe the script is also wrong? Hoping for a fix
  4. Julia Schmidt

    Ab heal nerf?

    The Heal got reduced but the Highness Heal reaches almost 400k O.O its bugged I think.
  5. Julia Schmidt

    December Patch

    OMG the improved EMP WAND!!! Thanks for the updates GM! Merrry Christmas!
  6. Julia Schmidt

    Emperium Wand bonus not working

    Hoping the movespeed bonus from the Emp Wand will not be removed cuz thats the only reason im using it
  7. Julia Schmidt

    Battlelord's Armor

    same as gtb i think as said on its script and also tested it on bg where i hit/miss a ranger with my WL on grb.
  8. Julia Schmidt

    Gopinich Card

    This seems very agreeable to me but Im a bit confused about the bNoMagicDamage script. From what I read on rAthena, this script (1 bonus bNoMagicDamage,100) adds 100% reduction from magic damage. When wearing GTB and Gopinich, instead of receiving 100% magic damage at 50% chance, it will be 50% magic damage at 100% chance right? And if (1 bonus bNoMagicDamage,-50) is applied to a non-GTB wielding player, wouldn't the magic damage received become 150%?
  9. Julia Schmidt

    Gopinich Card

    Tested it just now. Did 3 sets of 10 SGs (1 set each per equip set [GRB, BG1st, GRB+BG1st]). Results are as follows: GRB - 9, 9, 6, 7, 6, 7, 10, 10, 6, 8 (out of 10 hits per SG) = 78/100 BG1st - 0, 3, 3, 2, 2, 1, 1, 3, 0, 2 (out of 10 hits per SG) = 17/100 GRB+BG1st - 10, 9, 6, 10, 10, 10, 10, 9, 10, 9 (out of 10 hits per SG) = 93/100 The item works just fine with AoE skills, but testing it with SE/Jupitel/single target skills gave a result of almost 1% hit rate when only using BG1st (error in script?) and 83% when using both. What surprised me is that the bypass effects of both items stack. Going back to the topic, if ever this gets implemented, magic bypass effects should not stack and the higher rate of bypass should govern.
  10. Julia Schmidt

    Gopinich Card

    Having both magic penetration (MP) and magic immunity (MI) sure is OP considering a duel between 2 magic users, 1 having both MI and MP and the other only having MI but that is more or less always the case between 1v1. Take SC for example. SC will most of the time overpower his opponent due his skill tree alone but then that is just the case for 1v1. In the case of WoE or BG with many participants, it will give the magic users some protection against magic and debuffs (Ignorance, W.Imprison, etc.) for the price of having much lower DPS. If having both MI and MP is OP then every magic user should have been using this item [], but they dont because it has a very low bypass rate, severely crippling the user's DPS. What you are suggesting is a good alternative, though it kinda limits it to just two-handed staff and practically just for WLs.
  11. Julia Schmidt

    Gopinich Card

    True but removing 1 Kiel/HighWiz will significantly reduce their dps. I suggested this because it will give magic users the ability to still do damage against GTB users while being on GTB themselves. Other classes can do high damage outputs while having GTB equipped (including Rangers), while magic classes on the other hand have to choose between being offensive or defensive at a time. A slight tweak though should make it not OP like reducing its bypass chance to 40% or 35%.
  12. Julia Schmidt

    Gopinich Card

    Item Updates * Implemented new MVP card dropped by Gopinich: Gopinich Card [Allows offensive spells to hit with a chance of 45% regardless of protection. Doubles SP consumption. Compounded on shields.] Just a suggestion. It would be nice if the Gopinich card is compounded to a *HG instead of shield since it will open the option for wielding [two-handed staves] or [one-hand + shield w/ other cards] (GRB and *Gopinich should not stack) and still wouldn't be too OP since it will remove 1 HG card (Kiel/HighWiz). [Emperium Two-handed staff] is really nice and may be a bit OP if combined with *Gopinich, but with the recent buffs and nerfs to magic, this will make WL's AoE skills a viable damage option instead of just SE. This will make Sorcs a bit harder to deal with too I guess. What do you think?
  13. Julia Schmidt

    Server Migration - finished

    Hoping for the server to be up before WoE time
  14. Julia Schmidt

    BG Conquest guardian stone healable?

    Are the guardian stones supposed to be healable? Or maybe its bugged? Please fix if it is. Thanks.