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  1. Huh. Cold/PieStalker HWiz/Stalker I'm a bit rusty, but let's cross some fingers and get some nervous jitters down shall we?
  2. Haha. I feel bad for anyone who was betting on the Colts.

  3. haha u rock more.where be my hwiz drawing >w

    anyways, my laptop got wiped so i sort of lost my entry XD... D:(

  4. wah so many people spamming my profile

  5. Item Name: DLH Item ID: 30001 Reason?: Long story short: I want it. Long story: It would be very helpful for my build since I could use the xtra stats and hp. And since the RNG Gods practically piss on me every chance they get, I thought I'd never get one. I've been trying to get one until I had to take a hiatus from playing due to school, but since I am starting back up, I figured this would be a good opportunity to get one.
  6. LOL *nods head* /slur


  8. LOL new hair? again???

  9. ....*throws more pies* nyahahahahaha

  10. yo theyd beat me down if I sed that XDD

  11. BLARGH *throws pies at joo*

  12. naaw mines boring it looks... gaudy (i cant think of words >.<)

  13. dahahaha i saw the topic

  14. ahaha i help out my 'rent's business. don't get paid so i guess it sux a bit but hey they give me free stuff XD

  15. lol inarii bit late to say happy bday now XD

  16. whoa for some reason your profile picture reminds me of my pastor O___O

  17. i seem to have a stalker hum ho XD

  18. sup patty cakes

  19. unintended pun btw

  20. heh it woulda been interesting with you as a GM... oh hi tim its me moses~~~

  21. nice shades girl :]


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