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  1. key

    Frus frus! :D/ho

    1. Frus


      hi key, it's been a while *frantically mashes insert key*

  2. I can't remove any items from my cart. Neither button (Empty Out Your Cart/Remove Selected Items) work. I'm using Firefox.
  3. key

    Important Change: Pvp Tournament

    U-u I wasn't sure if I would be able to make it until now. I can't. q-q GL to those participating. Char Name: Bow Char Class: Arch Bishop
  4. key

    Pvp Tournament

    I think you missed my entry. q-q Char Name: Bow Char Class: Arch Bishop
  5. key

    Pvp Tournament

    We allowed to use buff scrolls once inside? Character Name: Bow Character Class: Arch Bishop
  6. key

    Skill Changes & Sprite Fix

    It's funny because I've been wearing it on male sprite this morning and look manlier than a LOT of the guys walking around althea. o_o
  7. key

    Skill Changes & Sprite Fix

    The ROP looked cheap, gaudy, and downright ugly. I beg you not to change it back. Rainbow sash has a nice design.
  8. key

    Lower Slotted Headgears & Fixes

    Omg, that's awesome!! Thanks beast.
  9. key

    Lower Slotted Headgears & Fixes

    @Beast: I don't mind the walking animation, but the circle thinger is just really ugly. But thank youuu.
  10. key

    Lower Slotted Headgears & Fixes

    ^ This. Please, please, pleeeease, change the sprite for Runes of Power. Atm, it reminds me of gaudy wings. Also, the GMs don't need consent from us for anything. If they did, nothing would get done. Suggestions afterward are NBD; either way, people will complain.
  11. key

    Lower Slotted Headgears & Fixes

    Aw, no more mistress u_u Btw, do these changes also apply for sage ring? .3.
  12. key

    Lower Slotted Headgears & Fixes

    Mother of god. Please tell me archangeling is disabled. Q_Q
  13. key

    Tool Dealer Guide

    YAYYY! THANK YOU! Hurrah!
  14. key

    Rebalancings And Fixes

    Just checked with Prism and Lux... Prism is healing much lower than Lux atm. I checked using all of the same equips, the only difference is my lux has a maya p in it and my prism has Kiel. I don't have SS, since my laptop just crashed. Q_Q Someone please test for me.