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  1. Guess who's back!!!!

  2. What's up gRO!!

    1. Koxy


      welcome back bruhh~

    2. Shuichi


      Rahul!!! :DDDD

  3. Rahul

    *stalks profile*

  4. Stalker <3

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    2. Rahul


      I'm goood. How are you :3

    3. Shuichi


      I'm good too!! just a little busy, school and more things :c!! but when I can I'm playing or watching here :D

    4. Rahul


      I don't play anymore, just chill on the forums sometimes. It was good to hear from you :3 <3

  5. Happy Easter Peeps :)

  6. Happy Birthday Marc(Everade). Have a great day and Year Ahead!!!!!

  7. This is a final goodbye Guys. Thanks for a wonderful 5 years

  8. Happy New Year Everyone!!!

  9. Happy New Year Everyone!!!

  10. New Blog Entry. Comments/Critiques are always welcome

    1. Orca


      LOL. I GOT NO Words

  11. New Blog Entry Enjoy. Comments and Critiques are Welcome.

  12. The fear of the unknown is far greater than the fear of something that you know is bound to happen

  13. New blog entry!!!!

  14. Sometimes losing something has no value at the time, makes a big difference later on. Wish i knew that before

  15. Happpppy Birthday my Reneelicious :D

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