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  1. Genetic:

    Potion Pitcher: There was a chance to spam the skill if used after cart boost. The spam is no longer possible.

    Hopping Filir seems to be increasing physical damage rather than reducing it and not increasing the heal the way it does on gRO

    Ceromain soup put some kind of permanent stone curse on me instead of giving the aspd increase

    More to come as i work on it.

  2. Thats better too . Since some of our moderators are active in forum and help alots of people who ask for help .

    And currently i've an issue that i cant even delete anything in my Country Section .

    I face the same issue as well.

    If that's the case, then I'd suggest you to implement a new rank in forum, get Moderators for the whole forum, not just for the language they speak.

    I'm sure there would be people willing to help in forum when GM's are not around, like when the bot spams come up and there are no GMs around to help. Give some players the power GMs have over the forum, and just the forum.

    And for ingame support, there was a guild called gRO Helpers, why not make it kind of offficial and let them help new players? only thing you would need to do is select few players which are capable of helping players.

    just my two cents.

    And this is a fair idea as well.

  3. Can the GM's arrange for some spectators?

    Or if its not possible it would records the matches and Upload it on Youtube?

    Thank you.

    +1 to this please. spectators would be nice :D

  4. Hi Zue, scary siggy for me (:

    Gender: Male

    Characterclass: Mechanic

    CLothes Color: 142



    Backgroundcolor: Ur Choice


    Special Phrase:Nothing


  5. I do draw them, however I dislike to since they tend to look overly girly and it's not as fun in general as drawing girls in my opinion. That's why I'd rather not draw them unless there's a payment involved, considering that drawing in my opinion should be a fun activity.

    HURDURRRR i agree with that !!!!!!!

    :P :P :P :P :P

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