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  1. The fear of the unknown is far greater than the fear of something that you know is bound to happen

  2. New blog entry!!!!

  3. maybe same time as Event Part 1 ends
  4. Welcome to the server all you noobs
  5. Cant wait for these updates. Looking forward to them. :D
  6. Sometimes losing something has no value at the time, makes a big difference later on. Wish i knew that before

  7. Rahul

    Server Maintenance 2

    Best of luck marc. Take your time bro.
  8. Happpppy Birthday my Reneelicious :D

  9. Rahul

    Server Maintenance

    Take your time Marc. Hope this solves all the problems we have been having.
  10. Empty House + Beer + Coke = Fun Night

  11. The Rant's never stop. New Blog Entry :)

  12. New Blog Entry... Enjoy

  13. I face the same issue as well. And this is a fair idea as well.
  14. Not a lot of sleep, but feel refreshed. Time to start a wonderful week

  15. Need to forget you so bad.....

    1. Rahul
    2. akira21


      alcohol helps a LOT :D

    3. Alexaa


      yes, but only for abit and you're back deeper in the hole you were in before.

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  16. Busted Knee cap hurts like hell...

  17. 24 Beer's and a few lines. Tonight's gonna be a good night!!!

  18. Rahul

    Mirri's Gallery

    oh in that case you forgot this one tooo
  19. B> Neb (lower/Mid) = Neb(lower) + 5 Miths PM: BoSo

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