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Status Updates posted by Rahul

  1. Empty House + Beer + Coke = Fun Night

  2. The Rant's never stop. New Blog Entry :)

  3. New Blog Entry... Enjoy

  4. Not a lot of sleep, but feel refreshed. Time to start a wonderful week

  5. Need to forget you so bad.....

    1. Rahul
    2. akira21


      alcohol helps a LOT :D

    3. Alexaa


      yes, but only for abit and you're back deeper in the hole you were in before.

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  6. Busted Knee cap hurts like hell...

  7. 24 Beer's and a few lines. Tonight's gonna be a good night!!!

  8. B> Neb (lower/Mid) = Neb(lower) + 5 Miths PM: BoSo

  9. New blog....could not resist!!!!

  10. One more Blog Entry.....Last Entry for a while now. Going to take a break

  11. Hot Chocolatee....I love you so much....why u finish in my glassss

  12. I'm Now Bored beyond Imagination. When the FUCK willl work start again.

    1. Aldwin Isenhart

      Aldwin Isenhart

      live life into the fullest go outside and see what the world can offer you you.:D

  13. New Blog Entry. Enjoy Peopleeee

  14. *Stalksssss and leaves chocolates*

    1. Rahul


      You would take chocolate from stalkers tooo... Bad girll!!!!

      -gives more chocolate-

    2. Miseria


      It's not bad right? 8D LOLOL.

    3. Rahul


      VERY VERY BAD 8D -hides chocolate-

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  16. Congratz Nikki

  17. New Blog Entry.....Njoy!!!

  18. New Blog Entry....Enjoy

  19. B> 68 Rossata Stone = 10mil ea IGN: Fortis Opifex

  20. New Blog Entry.....

  21. One more Blog Entry!!!! This one's for you Tailz

  22. One more blog. Enjoy People

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