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  1. U is a Silent Stalker :x

  2. Im still telling u, i did the same thing on another server and it was working fine, i tried to even paste that one here, but it still gives me an error. Its plain and simple, it just HATES me ;(
  3. i copied out all of them and replaced each and every one of them using the replace function in word, idk it just hates me i guess
  4. I get a freaking error when i try to do this
  5. Rahul

    Server Is Online

    Great work marc, congratz on getting the bug solved!!!!!!
  6. I dont quite understand this last part, care to elaborate please?
  7. Rahul

    Server Maintenance

    I Just read thru the 5 pages and alll i can say is, i trust that marc and the team are doing their best to get the server back up, its as important to them as it is to the players. So my appeal to the players is just be patient and wait, and in no time u guys will be back in althea. Plus like marc said Freebies for Everyone As for marc & the GM's Best of luck guys, i know it is hard to find one small bug in such long and lengthy codes. Just take your time and know that the coummnity support you

    I MISS U :

  9. The Birthday list makes me LOL so hard!!!!!

  10. Happpy birthdayyyyyyy NINA....

    :x sorrry abt the late wishes

  11. Happy Birthday Mosh!!!

  12. Many Many Many happy returns of the Day Pitu!!!!!!!

    Have a gr8 one

  13. Morning shift at work sucks, have to wake up soooo dammm early

  14. Morning shit at work sucks, have to wake up soooo dammm early

  15. Im Gooood :D

    How are joo!!!!


  17. T fucking G I fucking F

  18. Thank you everyone for the b'day wishes.

  19. So freakinggg BORED

  20. LOL relax i was only joking :P...thanksss

  21. Stalker 8D

  22. Rahul


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