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  1. I am only what you made me

  2. Emma

    merry christmas yadi :D

  3. Yue

    You've such good ideas. xD I'll write those down. :3

  4. Yade

    Lol :3

    And someone could spill ice cream on someone's head, like the headgear. And a.. seal stealing food from the picnic basket.

    ..Summer is fun! :I

  5. Yue

    OMG that would be a good idea! :D And I LOL'd at your Poring-bikini. xD

  6. Yade

    Something.. summer related? :3 Draw us in bathingsuits on the beach *-*

    Like.. playing with a beachball and sunbathing and swimming and.. making a sandcastle! Omfg I want a poring-bikini!

    *gets lost in fantasies*

  7. Yue

    Oh well, maybe I should. But heck, what to draw...? Dx

  8. Yade

    You múst participate in that fantarteventthingy. Furk those colors, you're waaay to awesome! Now you finally can get a good reward for your talent :3

    Enterenterenter! >.<

  9. Moi has teh sexiest pet EVAR~! :3

  10. *eats rice cake* >:3

  11. *Attacks Yadi* X3 !

  12. *hugs his pet* ILU :3

  13. I believe you :3

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