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  1. Item Name: RJC Katyusha Flower Item Id: 5547 Why I want it: I left gro gave everything I had away I came back not long ago and don't have time to get everyone Christmas presents. I wanted this cause I haven't seen one thought it would be a lovely present for my friend.
  2. Not playing GRO currently

  3. Hiya kai, remember me?

  4. OMG I missed your birthday! waaaah!!! I haven't been on /sob

    Belated Happy Birthday to you kai~

  5. Happy Bday Kai!!

  6. Gratz on your bday, bish :3

  7. zup dude xD clarise miss you ,.

  8. kai! I need a good song atm :o

  9. Hi Nissie ^^, Happy Easter to you too.

  10. KAIIII <3

    ^__^ Hi

    Happy Easter

  11. Sorry kai >.<

    I couldn't make the event with your creator D:

    *kicks locktime and stupid father*

  12. Happy birthday <3 Hope you enjoy it.

  13. TEH PIC IS TOO BIG!!! D:

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