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  1. Item Name: RJC Katyusha Flower Item Id: 5547 Why I want it: I left gro gave everything I had away I came back not long ago and don't have time to get everyone Christmas presents. I wanted this cause I haven't seen one thought it would be a lovely present for my friend.
  2. Not playing GRO currently

  3. Hi Nissie ^^, Happy Easter to you too.

  4. Happy birthday <3 Hope you enjoy it.

  5. forum name: Shadow Kai IGN: ShadowXSage
  6. Hmm paladin isn't the only mvp class, It is just the most common. XD You should tell some about the other classes. Some mvp's you wouldn't whanna use paladin on. XD
  7. Forum Name: Shadow Kai Character Name: ShadowXSage Character Job: Assassin Cross
  8. I should be back on soon. ^^ miss you.

  9. -Leaves love for the profile-

  10. Lol I imagine people will have this open with ro during woe now...Looks like last minute castle decisions might have gotten easier. ^^
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