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  1. oh noes i looked it up, it was tinajero ;)

  2. lilian alexaa tijanero :)

  3. jes.. i saw the pic of you ;) didnt recieve? hahah maybe facebook doesnt connect germany and australian ;)

  4. i found and wrote u at facebook :D~ thanks lexi

  5. make ur about me page up to date^^

  6. birthdate 1986 and you are 21? that fails..

  7. I would own you!

  8. Hahaha, thats right..

    Mir gehts bestens, und dir? :)

  9. u hav to show me what u've learned

  10. no way nap^^ that wasnt you who was answeringi n german topic^^

  11. hahah no way.. what you said in german topic, it isnt easy to learn so fast.. some1 german wrote that :D

  12. since when you can speak german?

  13. wow ich muss manchmal immer wieder hier im forum guggen :D kommen immer errinnerungen hoch.

  14. that sounds nice !

    im sure you'll do it well :}

  15. What are you going to do in the future?

    are you still working in ur restaurant?^^

    and what is 101 rep???? (0ne comment down)

  16. oh woww congrats lexiiiiiiiii :33

    Oh im sooo fine.. its all good^^ ok not all but the most thehe :)

  17. and the sun glass is tooooo big for you hahah^^ your looking like a fly with monster eyes hehehe :3

  18. wow~ its so nice that you can spell my nick right 8D so surprised you didn't forgot :]

  19. =) how're you girl? I hope your fine and have fun by what you' doin

  20. hiiii hater ;)

    i ever wanted to say that you're ok!

  21. nice, do you also play funk?

    hahah funky lex :D ^^

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