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  1. elow. :D

    i saw u stalked my page.

    I remember you're that wizz always in deathbox 8D

  2. i dont know raep.. o.ô

  3. whats your name ingame? :P

  4. wow~ but dont bite me that hard :3

    else i have to lick on ur fase :o'

  5. hahahah thats funny, as i saw your ava i thought you would be a normal player, hanging around in towns and talk crap like the others and now i see you're a pvp type. thats a big plus darlin.

  6. i dont even know that pally.

    always fight 4 myself

  7. i dont gang

  8. oh good luck to you then :3 u'll bring it

  9. whats ur IGN?

  10. but it doesnt ment "Happy Birthday" cause we also say Happy Birthday.. it just means "Congrats" :P but you know what i ment xD

  11. yep it was in german ^^ :>

  12. herzlichen glückwunsch :P

  13. mhp.. partying around? and to you?

    are you playing?

  14. nice to hear ;) are you new here?

    I dont know you even i had a break :P

  15. thanks ;)

    How are you? :)

  16. gugugg wo bist du?!

  17. got et u can write :3

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