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  1. hi to fundamentals =) i miss you all

  2. cool !! prizes for the whole guild members looking forward to this.. @excited to go home at work
  3. this is a very awesome idea GM.. Funda can break every castle they want to break even if we are just 10 solid funda players.. @im just sad we need to kick players who are yes , loyal to fundamentals ever since.. @ but still im having a sense, that this will be a good competition... .
  4. I wasn't meaning it in a way that hurt your feelings. I apologize if you took it that way.

  5. Wassup. Burny?

    Akshay here. :)

  6. gratz brO!! a very nice guide for starters.. keep it up
  7. im ok now guys =) i was unbann by marc , cause i was not really the GM of that inappropriate guild name .. thx for concern guys.. thx zie =)

  8. hoy chok bawal late!!! amfufu ka

  9. is it true that ur id have been ban?

  10. Burn, what happened? D:

  11. anung nangyari? bkit k na banned?

  12. Fefe. Txt mo nga uli ako. May babalita ko sayo.

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