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  1. whats the difference between one person hoarding and having tons of mvp cards and sharing the wealth with the whole server? the idea is to help everyone and to have fun with it. hence why i also said turn it into a drop party. get a card you already have? drop and let a new player get a chance to get a head start.
  2. Alright everything here is the topic I said I was gonna make! Let us all brainstorm together! So what I'm thinking is the second friday of every month we all come together and summon a bunch of mvps together for everyone to get a chance to get some mvp action! and heck why not go back to our runescape days and turn it into a full on drop party as well? Honestly I fell like this is a fun idea. Sure some rules might have to get set so all you OP Mvp hunters dont get all the kills, but at the same time this can help out our new players maybe get some gear a little quicker? Lemme know whatcha guys think
  3. Kaze


    i did indeed because i was having the same issues with pickys a few months ago xD
  4. Kaze


    Weaken the monster first. i know that it is hard, but it works. think of it like trying to catch a low level pokemon with a level 100 that doesn't know false swipe.
  5. Kaze


  6. Kaze

    Kazalus' Guide to Sorcery!

    Good job kazalus
  7. Kaze

    Cannot connect to server

    the server is currently closed for maintenance. it was brought up about in the update.
  8. Kaze

    Major Client Update

    All custom hairstyles are currently disabled
  9. Kaze

    Font Bug/Corruption in Game

    that bug actually looks really freaking cool tbh xD kinda wanna know whats causing it myself but first thing is first make sure her kro is updated which you can find on the top of the patcher.
  10. Kaze

    Guide for Ranger for WBE

    I dont use anything special myself. All i use is white wing set. a high refined crimson bow, and ori arrows . you dont really need super strong gears to do wb~
  11. Kaze

    Ribbon [1] Bug - Can't Equip

    the item description ingame doesnt state female only and there are already ribbons that are gender neutral.you can try switching your character to female via dr hobo or create a new character. sorry didnt even cross my mind since the description didnt say anything xD.
  12. thats actually kind of a cool idea. trading in two wings to get a costume version of the wings.
  13. Kaze

    Screenshot Thread

    shhhhhhh that never happened
  14. Kaze

    Screenshot Thread

    >.> ruu
  15. Kaze

    Screenshot Thread

    A little screenie from my first event