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  1. the slotted tomahawk also cant be stored (item id 1399 i think) Will be lifted on next update.
  2. edit: i think its affected by aspd and not just agi, but its mostly from my testing. you can try it yourself and see if it help. there are a bunch of items that buff aspd only edit2: I was just informed by a master genetic *wink wink* that agi does affect cart cannon spam
  3. Try testing them in Hellbox or Deathbox, they seem to work there I tested in pvpmode before and it also didn't work for me
  4. Good Day There seems to be a problem with slotting items that are already upgraded. I first noticed this when i tried to slot my +4 Pumpkin Rucksack when i tried to slot it (both keeping the refine rate and not) the npc will tell me that it will attempt to slot it then nothing happens. same thing with a weapon i was trying to slot in midcamp P.S. I have all the materials needed and I tried keeping and not keeping the refine rate. P.P.S. I don't know what to screen shot P.P.P.S. I think i posting this in the wrong sub-topic
  5. Mistress Card only reduces the gemstone Requirement by 1 I.E. LP and Volcano Casts just fine but Cloud Kill (which need 2 Red Gems) Abra (which uses 2 yellow gems) needs an extra gem I seem to be unable to mail to characters from the same account (or myself) but i can mail to others just fine
  6. the installer says "Required Space: -2026017666 Byte(s)" a new installer will be created on release day when you hover your mouse over some things in the settings panel, its in gibberish, also when you press OK fixed @revive does not seem to work use @raisemap Triangle Shot Damage: Very Low even at 200 all stats Cast Time: at 200 all stats, no Cast time Cast Delay: almost no Cast delay Feint Bomb Damage: Very Low even at 200 all stats Cast Time: at 200 all stats, no Cast time Cast Delay: Seems about normal Double Strafe Damage: Below the regular Server Cast Time:Normal (none) Cast Delay: Seems Normal Shadow Form Buff Does not disappear after the 9th hit, making SCs unable to cast while still taking the 10th hit E.G. SF transfers the 9 hits like normal but after then 9th hit the buff is still there so we cant use a skill until the 10th hit which we receive in full Summary: Damages Are Bugged, Cast Times are not yet split between Variable and Fixed(??) EDIT: Maelstrom Does not seem to work Suggestion: Give us a Dummy Account (even if its shared) because Clones are considered monsters and there are some things you can only test on other players
  7. Same with me, I almost always crash in BG when i play my Chaser for some reason and it wont let me log back in until after a few minutes As for the BG cooldown, I've also noticed the every time you kick Dual Users for being AFK they just hop right back in like nothing happened
  8. Seriously thinking about quitting :/

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    2. S4T4N
    3. Everade


      We're working on a solution for this issue.

    4. Kenzie Riann

      Kenzie Riann

      Hey Kris. I'll be back online today and be back to keeping an eye on BG again. :P Just PM me here on the forums or in-game if im online if ou see anyone suspicious.

  9. Sirk

    Patcher Problems

    I've turned off my firewall and anti-virus as well as ran it in administrator mode. I'm beginning to think it might be a problem with my ISP. In any case, thank you for your reply
  10. Hello, I have a problem with the patcher, everytime I run it, it tries to connect, then after a while says "Error Connecting to Host" now this is odd because i've tried running the game itself and it does run, this would be fine except i really need to patch the game. I've also tried to ping both the server and the ip address above using cmd and other than the 400+ ping, there is no other problems. I'd really like some help with this, thank you Sirk
  11. Sirk

    Refining Guide

    I've always thought that refining for +11 to 20 had their own table. The table i saw listed a 50 30 30 20 20 10 10 10 10 10 success rate for level 4 weapons.
  12. Finally, Internet

  13. Sirk

    Zue's Art

    Its soo cute XD its also well made, good job
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