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  1. *hey*>> r u staring to play agen =)

  2. heeeeeeeeeeeey! woot! your active haha


  4. Te odio, acá nadie em dice Lu por tu culpa... ¬¬

  5. hey hey

    thx :)

    idk this ur forum acc..



  7. :o you're cute~

    Im Miyuki/Lujan BTW :3

  8. asdasdasdputaaaaaasdasdasdasd


  10. Dear Santa, My name is LaMoon ingame and my real name is Lujan. I'd really like to have Blank Eyes, it's so funny, and cute xD. Hopefully you can fulfill my wish. Yours, Lu (yes, Im a girl...)
  11. yah I know xD I was thinking of saying something like "well, whatever, here:" and Ill do, let's see... too lazy to post it as image from photobucket, sorry D: actually my PC is a bit slow because it used to be a bigger resolution >.<~ I needa restart!!!!
  12. who is working on this event now if Mahrze supposedly quit??? I was working on an entry and now Im not sure what I should do ·___·
  13. never see this gal come on for a long time o_O

  14. lol its some info on it like food geography, political, legislature and stufff

  15. OMG WTF??!! what are you doing about argentina?? ask me anything you need to know xDD, Im on skype, sorry for the late reply, Im always as invisible in skype

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