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  1. I gooot: -PS3 (IMHO best gaming console EVER!) -PSP (lolwut?) -PS2(Tekken 5....God of war....So much memories!!) -Gamecube (Smash Bros Melee!) -Nintendo DS (Nothing to say at all) -Xbox (Wasted so much money on this shit...) But yeah, for me PS3 is HANDS DOWN the best gaming console...Cant wait for Killzone 2 and God of War III!
  2. Why So Serious - The Dark Knight Soundtrack.
  3. Yngwiee Malmsteen - Caprici Di Diablo. (Those who like instrumental ownage should download this pronto!)
  4. So then it is actually wise to use Valk Manteau+Garm Card?
  5. Absolutely wonderful, but i have a doubt. Lets say im using a Valkyrie´s Manteau and Garm Card at the same time, will the Garm Card still freeze your opponent? As i have seen that some people say that when you use Valk Manteau, the reflect hits your opponent, thus, the freeze runs off since the reflect counts as a "Hit". I would appreciate if someone can tell me the real answer for this.
  6. Oh God, your signature is just badass, what an artist =D

  7. Haha Thanks man ;D

    But it was Chad´s work. He´s the uber siggy master. :D

  8. Nope, there are still everade and argatlahm.

  9. Just for curiosity, but ur the Oldest GM from the GM team right? (Not About Age, about time u have GMing here)


  10. Hi, so are you still looking for a guild?

  11. Hey! Everade, Idk i was just passing by and i wanted to tell you that you should feel proud of your server, not many people can run a server as sucessful as this. Keep up the Good job.


  12. Grats on being a GM Chad :D.

    And Thank you for my siggy too!


  13. Lol. You´re a a rare kind of human being, i have NEVER seriously seen someone so dumb as you.


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