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  1. apa2an nih sprite error mulu
  2. Salah add orang lu ki

    Gak bisa ngomong apa2 kan gw td malam. LOL

  3. Mahal kita Deeeeeennnnnaaaaaa...

  4. PENSIUUUUN. Sampe mareeeeet. RETIREEEED. Until Marrrchhh. RUHESTAAAND Bis Maerrrzzzz.
  5. Why aren't you on msn? ):

  6. AHHAHAAHA sadli. ♥

  7. wow, this forum looks like a facebook. haha

  8. Nothing lex.

    I was like. OMG i clicked her profile!


  9. Item Name: RJC Katyusha Flower Item ID# : 5547 Why do I want it? Well, i have a friend at different guild with me. A long time ago, she was very kind and funny when talk with me. I'm so happy with it. :3 But now, she is became different, and idk why. I want to give her any item to made her happy and back to that time again. But idk what item i must give her, because she has everything. LOL And now i heard she wanted this headgear, and i hope it can be traded from me to her as a gift for christmas. That's why i need this headger so much PS : My english is fail. Hope you guys understand what i'm talkin about. xD
  10. You was in my blind spot leeeex DDDD:

    Damn window mode.

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