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  1. bye hon~ ... the days wid was the best days of my life ... i will never forget those ... i know u hate me now ...

    everything happened coz of me ... nvm ... i left the server already ... but i really miss U ... i dont know if u feel the same ... take care & hav fun ... I will love u watsoever ... love U alot more then u ever imagined ... /kis2

  2. hey misha ... missed u soo much ... when are u cming on MSN .. i wanna talk to u soo badly .. Q_Q

  3. sry i had too goo ..i hav no idea i will be cming back or not ...gave my account too sm1 else ... soo he might be playing it ... miss U ... i wish i can s u on MSN frnd :D

  4. take care bro .. sry i had too goo ..i hav no idea i will be cming back or not ...gave my account too sm1


  5. clarise .. i miss U alot ... wanted to talk to U, but u are not online on MSN much, take care & hav fun ..

    nvm .. byeee ... muuuaaahhhh <33

  6. Sry clarise .... I had to go ... no use playing anymore ...fck those gm's

    Sirus t biggest asshole i ever seen, butt licker ..

  7. when u cm back to RO .... I wanna marry u again :P

    will u accept it, dont know ... :(

  8. Honey ... i wanna se u in gro as soon as possible ...

    I know the alexa will give u a chance for sure ..

    Love U alot more then u ever imagined ... I will love U wat so ever .. :D

  9. hi :D ... Missd U!!

    how are u both ..

    & u made ur VH yet?

  10. thx for ur support ... :D

    & i m having fun as a beginner :P

  11. where are u darn .... u just left without saying anything


  12. hi bro ... sup

    I m playing tekken on my PS2 .. xDDD

  13. nice ... I m too bored & sad about the things happened in few day :((

  14. hmm ... hi sup ..

    long time no See xD

  15. i m just buffing up now .... u will see me on my main soon ... :D

  16. u dont leave us now .. or we will start missing U :P


  17. I think martin is gonna give u a suprise soon at ur doors .. :P

    hahahaha /gg

  18. hi ... :D

    Missing u alot ..

  19. 3 weeks OMG !!!

    hmm ... prolly going to meet alexa .. i m 100% sure of that /gg ...

  20. aww ... my bad :(

    spare me :)

  21. i m still w8ing for ur wedding remember :D ...

  22. I will just re-start from the beginning .. <3

  23. sry alexa .. just had too .. nvm that .. u think i will leave u guys alone yet :P

  24. hi ... Missed U like hell ... good too see u back /gg

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