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  1. http://img91.imageshack.us/img91/1224/04072008003sc8.jpg http://img91.imageshack.us/img91/4163/04072008001mm6.jpg http://img91.imageshack.us/img91/4824/04072008004lh3.jpg 3 just pics....(wasnt planned) a request from a friend =D tats ME
  2. definitely preferred the old ones.... reasons : 1.my old equips would be still there be4 my bro trashed them 2.less donaters...which made the economy stable 3.petrol price was cheaper than now =D Have a nice day.
  3. voda omg...how long did it take u for tat...nice guide though..weldone nicely said..well no offense there are idiots in this server who are desperate for equips tat they giv their acc info out.. hopes this guide teach them a lesson. Have a nice day.
  4. kamu ni memang teruklah...topic ni untuk gambar sekarang jadi topic bual...jejejeje...
  5. i'll giv u a 4/10.....6/10 gone for blabbering... well although its ur 1st guide but oh well...nice try i dont fidn this SL an offensive type.its basically depending on its spells..more like supporting type if u ask me Have a nice day.
  6. eh kamu semua ni tinggal kan ign kamu kat sini.Ingin sangat nak jumpa kamu semua. cepat reply,takut nanti saya x sengaja bunuh kamu. Have a nice day.
  7. nota ni dah nak mula off topic...anyway nama saya swee...umur 15...masih muda dan single
  8. eh tukar topic la...dgr nama mikra nak bakar janggut dia dah...
  9. Nama:Swee Umur:14 setengah..tunggu august Pekerjaan:masih di sekolah IGN:El Destructo,l POKO l...
  10. teruklah....saya rindu gRO ni
  11. well cin...haraplah awak dapat dtg untuk WoE...jika nampak Zeminous tu...bolehlah PWN dia kerana dia tu kan NOOB...
  12. so saya suggest guna bahasa melayu...kerana indo ada lebih banyak perkataan yg bahasa melayu takde..lagipun bahasa melayu ciplak dan mudah difahami...selain itu semua perkataan di dlm bahasa melayu ada dlm bahasa indo
  13. buat pasal apa awak jadi malaysian moderater?awak bukan dari sana kan?patut jadi indo mod....tapi apa2 pun,takde banyak nak cakap...cuma nak tau brp ramai orang yg tau cakap bahasa ni xD
  14. eh jgn lupa ini bukan saja indonesian support tau,ia juga malaysia jugak..kan saya dari sana....tapi,doalah topic ini dapat sambutan hangat..ciaoz
  15. no..it doesn but it increases the amount of arrows u can carry
  16. http://img108.imageshack.us/img108/6444/dsc00473fx4.jpg well..this is me ^^
  17. well kwee....once u told me u made ur guide i quickly came and reply...read it and i would say its great ^^ nice work! -Pokoyoko
  18. Well...sure they are tons of pvp type stalkers who can pwn ppl..well example like Battos Stalker and stokwa...they're strong too as stalkers...other than tat u'll also need good equips..depending on wat type u want to be.i suggest stalker wit bow some stalkers may use spear of ice and they are pretty strong.But,they can be eventually be countered wit GTB
  19. Yea...thx for the great guide Reli useful~~
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