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  1. hello

    1. Kenzie Riann

      Kenzie Riann

      ...you're alive?

    2. Paramour


      I come around from time to time, glad to see you still remember me Zie hahahhahahaha :')

  2. *poke* Flap Jack

  3. *steals the prinny's from your sig* they work for me now D:<

  4. message me the name so i can check it out lol

  5. Pretty good. I'm trying to find a nice server. I think I got one now though. :3

  6. OMG!

    Jack is this really you!!

  7. Character name. LOL.

  8. /dumb look

    Is that a different server, or a character name?

    LOL o uo

  9. I play on Novus. :B

  10. Yes, I do! B)

    Do you play? :o

    Who are you in-game!

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