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  1. YOU didn't make this guide. It was made on another forum, about another server. My friend personally made this guide, and I don't think you should of copied it. The skills part you may have made, but the base of the guide wasn't yours.


    ****Removed by Everade****


    Sorry for mentioning another server, but I hate plagarism. If you have to keep this guide, you should add credit to Briza at the bottom.

  2. Might as well fill this in.

    Anyway, it's been a fun time at GatheringRO, and I've met alot of friends. I'll never forget you guys, or this server.

    Why am I going?

    I won't tell, well, not here anyway.

    I'm planning to tell a couple of close friends.


    Bye guys, I'll never forget you. ♥


  3. Hello Everyone :) , I'm new here. I stumbled across gRO early this morning when I was trying to find a new server to play on ^_^

    Name: Cynthia

    Age: 19

    Gender: Female [before you ask, yes I'm taken.]

    Guild: N/A

    Hobbies: Baking and Cooking, drawing, minor spriting, reading, writing, roleplaying and enjoying music.

    I've been playing RO for, oh god..how long has it been? *nervous chuckle* Lets see... 5.. 6 years now? I can't remember, but I do remember there not being rebirth classes when I started... /)_(\

    Yes I do have a deviantART as well as several other sites [Facebook, twitter, a blogspot for my food blog...]. I'm also addicted to adoptables @[email protected] so don't be surprised if you see random moving creatures in my signature.

    I hope to see you in game! ^__^~

    Nice to meet you, welcome to GatheringRO!

    ;D I hope you have a nice stay.


    'Gender: Female [before you ask, yes I'm taken.]'



  4. Hmm...

    That's odd, I vividly remember it as "Gangster".

    I even have the said item.


    Either way, sorry for accusing you Mirri.


    Searched "Ganster" on google.

    Meaning: Italian Mafia.


    Oh crap, sorry, lagging.


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