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  2. weeee!!!! kiss kiss kiss!!! <3

  3. kulassssssss...!

  4. PRESENT! hahahha

  5. Thank you for the double "whatever"s. Thank you. =]

  6. whatever....!

  7. btw, your display picture and your photos on the profile looks so different. x.x Maybe it's the eyes or something. dunno. x.x

  8. Oh, I just happened to see you looking at my profile. I thought you were one of those stalkers who wanted my autograph. @[email protected] -signs your shirt- there there.

  9. OMG! what are U talking about?

  10. You could've asked for an autograph if you wanted one, you didn't have to stalk.

  11. who you? why you stalking me?

  12. sino p ba eh di si fengs :P

    bket ngkkalabuan n ba kau ng tatay-to-be ko? o.o?!

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