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  1. Nicocaine

    Mixture and Counteragent NPC

    The npc takes the items but did not give the end product. I made 500pcs in one go a recently before the update. Test for 450pcs and didn't work. Second test was 100pcs and worked. Third test 300pcs still ate everything but no item given. Screenshot: STUCK! Can't move can't do anything unless I close the client Can I request a refund of items or give me 750 Counteragent?
  2. Nicocaine

    Sleipnir and God items

    Yes, I am aware that those god items have been around since the start. People need to learn to adapt with change. We are a private server thus we adapt things into high rate standards. Seeing that Meg script has been changed because its too powerful means that all the god items should be looked at too. Why concentrate one Megs just because its too powerful? Sleip isn’t powerful as Megs so there won’t be a change? Look at it this way if its too powerful it gets nerf and if its not powerful it wont get change and in the future it will become useless. Also, if we are talking about 2002, even god items existed on official servers they would never nerf those items just because the effect is too powerful. If powerful items becomes obsolete with time i don’t really mind as long as its the original scripts. If they have change one god item then should they change all of them? Another idea is to somehow replace those god items with our very own custom god items.
  3. Nicocaine

    Sleipnir and God items

    Before anything else; I have read the thread regarding the megs being changed. Topic here Now, it has come to my attention that there are several items that is somewhat similar to Sleipnir. Example are the skins from faceworm [vit] with a combination of temporal boots [vit] with enhancement. Having said that temporal boots have slots which you could put moonlight flower for speed or green ferus for more HP. Temporal boots can easily obtain by doing the quest on OGH [Old Glastheim] whereas the Sleipnir items are from War of Emperium. In short, the temporal boots with the combination of skin can be obtain within 1day - 1month (with good effects) whereas the Sleipnir could take 6months - 1year or even more depending on the castle drop. There is another item that has come to my attention that has a similar effect as Sleip when upgraded to +12 and that is the Hiking Boots [1] from pro hunter shop. Conclusion: Why can't the god equips be more superior than any other items in the server? What's the point of having god items if it only has a small difference between custom item? Could it be possible to increase the Sleipnir's effect so that it won't be on a par with any ordinary items? Being an old player makes you a role model for the newbies. It gives them motivation to get god items / end gears so they could be on the same level as the old players. If those god items only have small difference from ordinary items you'd be a laughing stock since it took the old players to get them several months and new players got them in a matter of hours/days. Peace!
  4. I've already ask that question and the answer is... No, it is not allowed.
  5. Nicocaine

    Asan na kayo?

    Welcome back! Have fun! hahahaha
  6. Nicocaine

    Anniversary & Valentine's Event

    Awesome as always! Don't ignore those chocolates!!!
  7. Nicocaine

    Asan na kayo?

    Naglalaro pa rin naman. Nagcheck ng forum from time to time. Hindi na ko updated sa mga new items.
  8. Nicocaine

    December Patch

    Finally! The website can be viewed properly on mobile phones. Awesome update. Keep it up!
  9. Nicocaine

    Asan na kayo?

    Yo Bex! Glad you're still around lurking in the forums
  10. Nicocaine

    Armor Refinement Increase

    At least there is still a "hope" on this topic.
  11. Nicocaine

    Armor Refinement Increase

    Please bear in mind people that Everade is the only one working on the server. If you could suggest something as an alternative to my refinement table that would be a great help. @Khaii The comparison of the old and new system are way different. Even if we don’t have those certificates/ HD.. etc we (the old players) survived because the refine rate was alright. You have to take into consider that it was pre-renewal back then and that we have a lot of players to trade items with.
  12. Nicocaine

    Armor Refinement Increase

    Getting to +8 is hard enough as it is unlike before. As I said on one of my replies regardless of any items that helps successfully upgrading it. The idea you suggested is good. Peace!
  13. Nicocaine

    Armor Refinement Increase

    As from what I have gathered it is a bit higher than the official one but it still is a bit lacking regardless of any items that helps successfully upgrade items.
  14. Original: Upgrade: Upgrade Armor +1 100% +2 100% +3 100% +4 100% +5 80% +6 65% +7 50% +8 35% +9 25% +10 20% +11 18% +12 18% +13 16% +14 14% +15 12% +16 9% +17 9% +18 8% +19 5% +20 5% Reference: Refinement System by Everade A reasonable upgrade might be good. Refining weapons using Mechanics have additional effects. The armors are much harder to get and to refine than weapons. What do you think?
  15. Nicocaine

    Fixes & Updates

    Turtle General has 20% chance of dropping it. The rest of the monsters are at 0.10% chances.