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  1. Emma

    HAAAAAI <3

  2. Inorite? xD

  3. Helloowwww :3 i like twilight series too *-*

  4. Emma

    JULIA <3

  5. lmao thats where i am now xD

  6. Good morning gro~!

  7. o-o...i dun got facebook...xD

  8. :D Tamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaapuu x3 *huggle*
  9. Leeek :D =o= *stops her from rubbing* I aint xD

  10. *stalks.....* *-*

  11. o-o...i see mountain dew can in the background of second pic xD....and is that hello kitty bedding? O.O

  12. Emma

    happy valentines day julia~ *gives chocolates*

  13. :D Happy valentines day!
  14. arigatou! :D *gives him chocolate heart*

  15. Emma

    Saaam you look cute in that pic :o

  16. Emma

    xD mine has a duel-core proccessor and only cost like 500$ o.o

  17. Emma

    justin o.o i got a laptop ;D

  18. Emma

    Goood :D i got a laptop today :3

  19. Emma

    Goooood ;D

  20. Thanks for the guide! me and my friend just did it ;D
  21. Emma

    Lottery Of /fsh

    Name: Emma #of choice: 20 IGN: Mizuma
  22. Emma

    Lottery Of /fsh

    Name: Emma #of choice: 5 IGN: Mizuma
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