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  1. Merry Xmas to anyone who remembers me.

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      merry christmas glaze :)

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      merry christmas

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      merry christmas dude!

  2. Well duh( humans classify as Demi human race, medium, and non boss) derp The conclusion was meant for cards and the original post. Ken you forgot the 5 ATK modifier on skeleton worker and skeleton worker don't stack with hydra you don't combine them to make 38%(wth) Glorious weapons have increments against Demi human so they stack with hydra. % modifiers with the exception of critical damage% attack%[hydra tg sw ]ONLY EFFECT weapon attack(including upgrade bonuses). A certain foes equipment like a cranial shield works like a reverse hydra so a CRANIAL shield vs + a hydra will yield out to 1000+(20-30)%= 900 now the formula you are stating is wrong how did you get 38% when you added hydra with skeleton worker? They are separate compounds so they are compounded at different times. Mine was a clear comparison why you don't want cards to stack by providing 2 cards with separate 20% ATK modifiers. Since ken was being nit picky about my conclusion ill do a modification In conclusion the sum of increments and decrements multiplied by the (base weapon+upgrade bonuses) x str bonus modifier with thana/inca to nullify the defense portion of the formula.
  3. That's wrong. Card stackability is a bad thing, what you want are multiple compounds. take 1000 attack with 2 hydra(40%) vs 1 Hydra and 1 tgen TWO separate compounds. It'll make a difference. If you use hydra x2 its 1000+40%; BUT if you use 1 hydra 1 tgen its 1000+20%+20%=1440. I suggest using two separate cards rather than the 2 of the same cards. These are facts. In ken's case 1000+40% =1400 vs 1005+20%+15%=1386.9. now with 3 hydras vs 2 hydra 1 skele 1000+60%=1600 vs 1005+40%+15%=1618.05 If card script is different then they do not stack. [a good thing] If card script are the same then they do stack. [a bad thing] In conclusion it really depends on what you're base(weapon) is. ~I am legend.
  4. When life gives you lemons, make orange juice and have the whole world wonder how the fuck you did it.

  5. Drake card isn't working properly. +10 glorious gladius w/ double explosive boned penetration does the same amount of damage as +10 glorious gladius w/ explosive boned penetration of infinity. Not having drake card against medium should yield to a - 50% attack for assassins since theyre total output is 75%+75%=150% instead of 200%.
  6. It's your rights, run notepad.exe as an administrator. or simply save the document else where and replace it while reconfirming rights. 1. Make your desired changes. 2. Save it to desktop as dinput.ini while making sure that your save mode is on all files, not on txt file. 3. Open GatheringRO Folder usually found (C:\Program Files (x86)\GatheringRO) 4. Drag and replace the ini file. Confirm the Administrative rights needed for the action. This isn't possible if you aren't an administrator.
  7. Sura's Tiger Cannon Damages opponent SP as well which is official but deserves a nerf. Sura's GOH lvls 1-5 are close range 6-10 are long range needs the cap to be applied. Sura's Gentle Touch Cure is working properly now healing 5% HP and curing based on dex which is 100% now, cooldown is increased though-> as a sura i found this most helpful. Unlike GRO where its doesn't heal by % and has no cooldown but successrate for curing is 25%. Cresent elbow was useless in GRO, but rAthena's damage is a joke, needs a rebalance. possibly a behavior change as well. I'd Like to suggest that howling lion made if within the area players receive fear status exactly like Rune Knight since sura's do not have any aim buffs. and if the attack hits the player songs are cancelled. Knuckle Arrow's wall Damage isn't increased by weight as its suppose to on official server. Chain Combo to Asura works In GRo it does Good Job. Though the movement disability isnt on chain crush combo like gro Gentle Touch Change/Revitalize Cooldown is huge Gentle Touch Change's damage increase practically unnoticeable - needs buff. Not working as it should based on dex and str. Snipers/Ranger receive damage upon stepping on their own trap. Traps Do Not move 4 cells. Unlike GRO. Ninjas Total Damage Output needs to be revised Attackspeed is also 195 on Oboro unlike every other class its 190 or 193. Balmung[3] shows up in inventory as Balmung[1] attackspeed issues on other classes as well.
  8. well how am I suppose to look at this test server? Do i look at it as if it were iRO or if it were kRO rebalanced with GRO?
  9. Rhydo Rune is the rune that enables you to cast Crush Strike, when clicked, however, it does not let you choose your target as it is right now in gro, instead it is like sacrifice and your next hit will be a 100k hit. 100k is too low it should be at least 300k and I am not sure if it is working as intended. Thats how it works in official, was not changed here due to customizations. behavior is correct. Just wanted to mention some changes that werent on gro like tao gunka has been changed from -50mdef -50def to -50%* mdef -50%def This counter balanced the bug that thanatos caused when it came across -defense. Basically this update made it impossible to get - def/mdef. Knuckle Arrows knockback damage too high unable to define (behavior is suppose to be weight based) Fallen Empire is alot easier to accomplish simply press fallen empire after dragon combo no longer in combo basis. Gate of Hell Formula - No Cast time bugged skill not working as intended No cooldown Damage too high. reaching 200k Tiger Cannon- with glorious weapon yields to no damage being done. Chain Crush Combo +10 Glorious Morning Star only doing 3k each -> 20k+ Energy Gain - should not have cast time, and its limited to capping spheres obtain to 5 even in raising dragon Ninja +10 glorious shuriken. Throw Fuuma Shuriken - damage to low Guillotine X Backslide animation bugged Traps can damage the player who set them traps don't move in 4s and fade after two hits, no more trapper build. Seems reAthena is iRO based. not kRO based like 3ceam (current build)
  10. Just something I remember but endure is useless on rk cause concentration is the same effect with 50 hit.not to mention it provides a camouflage making it harder to find out if you're stoned Enchant blade bypasses kyrie so it's also a good status inducing move when you're meleeing.
  11. Finally forum active again!

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      Ty just read some blogs about progress nice to know we're seeing some evidence of progress! I don't plan on coming online in game.

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      wb on the forums :)

  12. Is going forum inactive.

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      Holly Enix

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      Do you mean "is going inactive in the forum"? I'm not sure this is grammatically correct.

  13. GM are mere players with enough charisma to make them an authority that's why they were chosen?I never thought about helping people must've never came to mind. *has over 100+reputation and writer of many guides does everything himself. Shared his knowledge.* GM=authority= ability to pass punishment & reward. Why isn't this thread closed the admin made his decision.
  14. Must be something really special to break rules just to get it out rather than having everade check the gm logs don't ya think its a little too special?i think the community represents gro not the gm. What a community. You're saying a group of people that have never been online at the same time represent gro? I doubt it players represent the server if everyone's a douche bag and breaks rules and get punished then that's the community's fault. GM are supervisors with authority and that holds event for everyone.Everade is the only one who can move our current build to the newer rAthena build. Without any loss. Which is hard ofc.
  15. So many GM arent not since ~2 years ago I play on this server. Even everade is too busy so he can't always be ON. Why don't we replace and give chance for new one to rise. Well I just saw OUR new TRIAL GM "BEX" and "Tunes". Well they are usually online, they do interact with players, Humbly, Do well even when they aren't in a GOOD MOOD. Well honestly, When i open shoutbox today, I found something interesting between GM and player. GM judgment is very critical,when GM make the judge please consider it. What the effect you will make in future. and also consider if you are not GM any more and become NORMAL PLAYER and get same judge like you make now. Can you accept it? Well the player here have many character, most of them want keep GRo UP and become LOYAL. They wasted many years still play at here they know so much about GRo, well may be we need some training for player who want be GM. and may will be 1st consider the attitude when choose GM. cos GM is representative of the whole GRO on field. when GM do some mistake it will be bad for GRo. please consider it. We player always hope this server keep survive and have their glory and i will say much thanks if GM can be have more attitude cos you are representative of GRo on field(please remember you need to become good example for the player). dont make so crucial judge. consider the effect and the benefit you gain. Please RE-THINK before DO some judge. i love many policy the GM make, but what player can do if there no two way communication bettwen player and GM. if that to harsh you can make single act, But THINK before ACT. I as player here hope it will be consider as suggest. if any support and critic, dont be shy to write down. such wonderfull momment when player and GM keep helping each other to support this server. thq before~~ I only fixed some of it. Also you can PM Other GM's. like for example EVERADE he has logs(records of what GM's do) and can judge whether or not you deserved the punishment to be reduced extended, or even made permanent.
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