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  1. It's GatheringRO, not Pokemon
  2. Hey tama?.. forgot your name a bit hahahaha

  3. heeeellooooooo :)

  4. i give a fuck muahrharh

  5. Let's go Bahndamm (Düsseldorf).. Just go google it.
  6. Poop on your head ><

  7. Just go, and u'll find friends. xD
  8. Hai Tama, Forum name: m s L Character name: m s L Time zone: Servertime Thanks, and finally my 200 post in your thread <3 Byebye~
  9. yo bro..

    wutup :D

  10. Wut the hell.. I missed you, Tama!
  11. Oh, little girl called me a 'bish' LOL.

    Heyaa! :D

  12. yo.. be chillin ;)

    ayoo.. deez hataz. :D

  13. yo gt.. ma homez.. awesome music.

    keep it tight. ;) see ya

  14. Nice Guide, Mirri. Keep on going.

  16. I just wanna say goodbye, too. The server is the best.. I will sometimes meet you all. Some people might see me InGame, but this wont be me! GOOD BYE TO EVERYONE!
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