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  1. i really am a stalker :3

  2. youhavealotoftattoos

  3. this is me. happy. this is me. sad. BECAUSE I DON'T HAVE A THANA. plzkthx
  4. in a way i do and in a way i don't.

    i miss skype with YOU and a select few others. haha

  5. haha i don't reply to people very often...

  6. LMFAO, ZIE >.< damn i wish i had a magic marker eraser board thing i probably can't post here without posting another picture so heres another :<
  7. I wish I could find someone to take the picture for me
  8. no its not! geez, this is why i don't put people on my profile

  9. *stalks back* >.<

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