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  1. byeh mitsu

    hope to see you again someday ^^

  2. no i don't have it

  3. What do you mean? :D

  4. huh.. well u're not everyone o.o

  5. hm? o.o something wrong?

  6. ohhhh! well i'll cut my hair then o.o and i'll dye it too and then i look ugly and everyone hates me x.x

  7. oh yes.. Happy birthday! >:D u're 14 years old now!! and im 19! >:D

  8. im 19 years old finally!! whipii!!!! >:D

  9. well thats nice o.o do u really think that i look like that mitsu's friend milla? /she looks like me? o_o;

  10. oh really? u're back btw o.o u were.. in greeze? right? well i was in finland while u were in greeze D; so i didnt meet u this time but i come back again someday and i had fun in finland really thats really very beautiful place :D u had fun in greeze? i hope u had, ehehehe...

  11. are you okay? you really are kinda perv, like mitsutin said to me o.o if you don't think anything else!

  12. god help me... ;__;

  13. cute pic! Is that new? oh no it can't be, that's not your new hstyle :3

  14. nothing... ._.;...

  15. well yay! :3 that's sounds nice! :D and im not playing much anymore :D im kinda busy o.o;; ahahaha o.o;; but i hope i can play much more in summer vacation :D

  16. pokemon music? WTF?! o.o;;

  17. im kinda tired, because I was shopping today, but... :D like that and how are you? :D

  18. omg haii!!! X3

  19. o.o i think i am

  20. whoa jea!! thats so kool!!!

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