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  1. This is gonna be one hell of a throwback.


  2. Yo Marc! Just visiting, visiting... Sorry about the promises I broke - that was long ago, you might not remember. Good luck with the server!

  3. After all the "OMG what does Argatlahm look like" online virginity of your face, you finally show it? ^_^

    Thanks for the greeting. Too late for me to see it though. Happy birthday too. Too late for me to say that too. Oh well.

  4. Deeeeeeeeennnzzzz! ^_^

  5. Not exactly "back"... I'm just gonna stalk the forums every now and then. I'm not making any promises about the GM IDs though. Even if it's very tempting for me to make some. ^_^

  6. Hi Mommeh #3 (formerly Dad). ^_^

  7. Hey, my old boss, who is 2 days older than me. Lapit na birthday natin. ^_^

  8. Wazzup wazzup! I'm stalking your fabulous forums. *laughs like evil Marc*

    My GM ID is still in Sergio's. Did you want me to volunteer to create something to replace that? (T_T)

    Evil Marc.

  9. Hey Mommeh. Didn't think you'd remember me. T_T

    Still active in gRO as always, I see. Luvyah Mommeh #1. ^_^

  10. Hi Pops! Didn't think anyone would notice me if I didn't post anything. I miss you Pops! (T_T)

    Eto, busy parin. Bisi-bisita lang. See yah! ^_^

  11. Wazzup dude, congrats! Tagal na rin walang pinoy na GM. I doubt kung magkakaron ka ng partner tulad ng tandem nila Dark Angel at Rick, pero maganda sana yun. Eto... busy parin. No time for gRO. Gudlak dyan tol!

  12. Hi zie-curity guard! You're always one of the first ones to greet me whenever I'm here. ^_^

  13. Hi... Whoa! Congrats! ^_^

  14. Mahal kita Deeeeeennnnnaaaaaa...

  15. Maaaaarrrrrcccc, so you're the culprit! Kamusta?

  16. No that's actually okay, I just needed a notification before it was used, you know... that way I wouldn't have been surprised and panicked.

  17. I just wanna know why, man...

  18. Whose idea was it to use my GM ID avatar as yours? You know, if you weren't a friend of mine in the first place, or if the other new GM was the one to use it, I'd be even more pissed than I am right now. There's no notification or anything, not even a mail in the forums. Someone just decided to use it. You guys got Mahrze now as a GM, who is a superb artist, so why plagiarize? Just ...

  19. misses GatheringRO but can't do anything about it.

  20. Oi oi oi oi, wazzzzuuuppp Ixxeh!

  21. Gave you comfort when the guild was a mess? Pfff. It was all because I couldn't survive without you. ILY~

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