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  2. about the (resources file) is it on RMS or the specific server that i took that screenie?
  3. it'll be awesome if GM team will add more hairstyles. i know they are busy working on the server updates but please add this one in the future! +1 to the quest for the new hairstyle! cause the old hairstyles are bland and boring. also, i find it pleasing to see a new hairstyle when i tried a different server. This is what i wanted.
  4. I'd like to see things from your point of view but I can't seem to get my head that far up my ass.

  5. MY ANSWER TO YOUR KPOP (NO HATE) Listening to chance too.
  6. HA. true that i was in hiatus here for 3 long years but before that, we've been using OB ever since it came out and we've understand the know hows of it before leaving thats why we know how to counter it. we've faced RG with gods they do better damage but they don't know how to utilize it to 100% and yet we don't ask for NERFS. because it's easy to COUNTER RG.
  7. You know that you're just not thinking enough on how to counter OB because you wanted it to be "NERF". well i get you because it's the easiest and convenient way for some people like you that aren't thinking of ways to counter and yeaaaaah no need to compare jobs because they are different from each other and they have their own role in game. one of the funniest shit i've ever heard in my RO playing career. PS. it's a no brainer on how to counter OB so deal with it.
  8. Maybe, Just MAYBE they aren't worthy of Baldr's power at all.
  9. Do you even?

    1. Yumii


      do you even lift mate?

    2. Aldwin Isenhart

      Aldwin Isenhart

      Yes, them feels for so long. :'(

  10. Tis'll be good. splendid work!
  11. you're just making things complicated and hard, if you want it to be "fair" then it's better to put damage cap on skills when killing mvps especially extremity fist and sacrifice.
  12. Tried to look on other servers but still gRO is way better. <3

    1. NukeHomer2013


      pls help always failed to log in server fix it thanks

    2. S4T4N


      make a f*cking topic

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