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  1. Just for formality's sake. It's been nice meeting everyone and I'll never regret meeting all of you. さよなら Good Bye.
  2. I'm done with Ragnarok and Yes I'm the worst person ever.

  3. Hi,apa khabar nama saya ialah CyNiC gembira untuk bekenalan. saya tinggal dekat ampang. a friend of mine taught me how. xD
  4. ZOMG, Randomness but MIO <3

  5. Nice Guide. I suck at SinX Q,Q
  6. I finally decided to give it a shot. and I prove myself. it gets irritating after 2minutes Q,Q
  7. 미안해요, ごめんなさい, Sorry, Izvini, Afedersin, Aasfa,Sinto Muito, bocsánat, Xin Loi, Scusa, Bigisla, Maleeshey, Bodishi, Zao Mi Je, Maaf, Aroha, Kor Thod Krub, iarta-ma, 对不起 , Ni kombela ku khomeriwa, Lo siento, przepraszam , Unskyld, Förlåt, Vybach , Bagishla, Atsiprasau, ,اسف...

  8. CyNiC

    Happy Birthday <3

  9. Actually I was a streamyx user before...LOL and all I can say is nothing can be worst than streamyx....>.> and I always wonder why people used/use it.
  10. LOL Streamyx, Mine is a loooooooooooooooooooooooooot better than that crap xD but it's having some problem around my area. >.> or or or maybe because my modem is broken.
  11. Happy Birthday :3

  12. BTBAM -Selkies: The Endless Obsession. 8Eight- No one cries because they want to.
  13. RAEEEEPS <3

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