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  1. HolyJin

    Pile Bunker

    Whoa whoa calm your tits bro lets keep the professionalism here. Things are getting way beyond the topic here. keep your barbarism to your own because this thread is to ask the GM TEAM about the topic at hand, not to ask the whole server about it since the GM TEAM are the ones who can PROBABLY access the server database. First and foremost i wont post a thread of asking if there's something needed to cast the skill in the first place because from what i remember and what is definitely correct requirements for it to work is having Pile Bunker equipped. Well the skill after the transition from trans to 3rd job works fine but then now that the 3 new types of pile bunkers has been added something must have triggered something in the skill database for it to look for the 3 types instead of 4. This is a really really wierd bug since i've tested a local server and its working fine without using pile bunker S/T/P so before i started this thread i've already researched and looked at the original scripting. If you're claiming that its fixed that it should be and obviously will be since i believe there are some servers that pile bunker doesnt work also and have posted about it in rathena then i would gladly wait for it then.
  2. HolyJin

    Pile Bunker

    your reply doesnt really help at all you know... it would be definitely obvious that it will be fixed in next patch since there are some adaptation from 2015 kRO patch on the upcoming patch. Please dont add unnecessary comments when it doesnt help anything.
  3. update on FAW - magic decoy skill.. the item required for the skill probably does not include the 4 elements needed (wind of verture, red blood, crystal blue, green live) in skill required DB in rathena.
  4. does this summons need AI to be downloaded and load up in the folders? because whenever i summon the FAW sniper its just stand goes standby and not even get triggered by monsters or player even if you attack them. and also to include nerf the HP of the FAW. my FAW got 400k hp and when you attack it the damage recieved is same as attacking plant (1~~ damage all the way) so it'll take a long time just to shut down 1. As for the FAW magic skill always fails even if you got all the ingredients needed from the skill description. For the damage i dont know anything as of it yet since im doing tests to be fixed.
  5. HolyJin

    Pile Bunker

    I've already got pile bunker long ago after the transition from trans to 3rd job. the problem is the server is now standing in between 2013 client patch and 2015. Pile bunker S/T/P is from 2015 client patch so whatever research you do now you cannot get any of the 3 type of pile bunker. I'm even tempted to do the pile bunker quest but then its still the pile bunker you can buy in BM.
  6. Well there are times that its good to have that kind of guardian but its not fun at all when hit lock makes you immobile specially when 2 swordie that has howling was the ones hitting you. it already has 2s immobility on howling and whenever it hits you, its like there's no tomorrow for you to hope for even with mao guai card (whatever you call that card with 50% reduction vs guardians). not every class can survive atleast for good 10s on both swordsman guardian specially now that the hp gap for every class is really high because of build purposes
  7. HolyJin

    Pile Bunker

    Does pile bunker work or there's a special thing needed for it to work? whenever i try to cast pile bunker it says "Please equipped with a pile bunker S" but then there's no information at all even in other servers about how to get pile bunker S/T/P.
  8. HolyJin

    Chain Lightning

    Have you tried having high aspd to cancel the animation of the skill or maybe improve the speed of damage infliction of skill? that might help since there are skills that gets affected by ASPD too.
  9. Whenever i go search on Item DB starting from Type - Weapon to Type to Type - Armor this is the items that will be listed http://imgur.com/a/eGkXn Aside from that all the other searches like cards, usable, misc. are all fine.
  10. As we all know the beta server has gone pass by few weeks ago but then not everybody has been successful on trying the beta test for some unknown reasons. As for a player that tried to play the beta test and failed for tons of times, what can we players expect for the up coming patch? i know that there is a thread for this i've read it but then i dont see any information on the thread that some of the cards that hasn't been implemented in the server will be implemented. It also peaks my interest to know if the new race will be implemented since the quake update and other new things from Rathena has been leaked from various resources. As for another topic to be discussed, will there be new events for the server to come? the server has been like stagnant like this for years now without any new automated events running aside from invasion and picking up empty can and old paper. Isn't this a bit lack lustering for a HR server that there's no new things for people to be entertained rather than just sitting around in althea doing nothing.(don't even try to point out that there are gm's who are doing events because I myself don't find those events fun when they are just revolving to dice and HnS). Another thing i would like to point out is please fix the item DB. With nico being new addition to the GM team i hopefully and pray to the Gods that new things will be released to feel like this is a living server and not just a grinding server just for satisfaction of having god items and such. May this thread be useful and enlighthen whoever reads this and not just ignore it
  11. but dont also forget that when you put LOD on right or SK on right the chances of ailments is doubled cuz of double attack so.. i think its good to keep 2 damage cards and 2 ailment cards on right and the other 2 damage and ailment/boost(phree) to left producing lots of chances on ailments is good too..
  12. do u really need to do the new world quest? cuz my friend gave me a coords to go to the manuk w/o doing the quest of new world and i just need to do the crystal part but when i spammed the crystal for 5min it didn't even replied to me once x.x
  13. pls post also about the prices of mini bosses too . xD
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