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  1. Mikel Mikel, I taught you how to play, son... I still remember all the directives I gave you and the PvP event you won because of it... Let me gear up, learn a bit and we'll dance... I know you're happy that I'm back... haha
  2. Wow... It's more than I expected...
  3. I'll most likely try to catch you ingame... I've been doing some reading on RK class and even though I'm starting to understand it a bit better (I think), there are many things I need to know... Thanks anyway. And thanks Hersheys too...
  4. Ok, So first time I played here was if I'm not mistaken in 2007, or 2006. Not sure. I guess 2007. Even before GM Castle ever existed! I guess this qualifies me as an old player! But since a LOOOONG time away from Ragnarok in general, I decided to come back to check it out. Needless to say that I'm a complete newb now and my knowledge is pretty much Transclass and old MVP cards related. I do know that Tao Gunka annd Thatanatos are still the most valuable ones. So what I'd like to know is: 1 - Are the still ANY relics from the past in activity? 2 - Which NEW MVP cards are extremely important/valuable? 3 - Which non-MVP cards (Mini Boss and Regular ones) are really necessary? 4 - Which equipment are absolutely needed? All these information are PvP/WoE oriented. Also I'll be playing with a RK mostly. GX will come later. Thanks all!
  5. Algum hu3 hu3 hu3 ainda jogando? Voltei (voltando) e queria saber...
  6. Myrion... you there? >_<

  7. Yo... what's up with my Tao...and my WS. T_T

  8. What's up? o.o

  9. Well hi there Myrion! Long time.

  10. I would ask, but i idolized you too much so i might aswell not.

  11. Freaky and stuff.

  12. Hey man, Myrion here. Save me the Garm card! I got your Miths! Ok?

  13. Sorry to pass here, but your nickname is quite interesting. Golda Meir is one of the most important people in Israel's history. And since I'm jew, I know a thing or two about her. :)

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