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    in your .... ^_~
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    My Interests hmmm ~_~ Playing footbal hang out with my friends andd playing RO of course. ~_^
  1. AKIN !!!!!!! -ubber hug- omg ur back in gro ?? when did this happen??

    i might join back lol

  2. Omg belated happy bday!

  3. Dany

    happy b.day nub /gg

  4. hehe yeah cruel coincidence

  5. uhuhuh same day borned and same aged XD

    happy birthday.

  6. Happy birthday

    haha i forgot that we are on the same day borned but ur 1 year older XD

  7. Happy birthday ^^

    You B*ish your 1 year older .... XD

  8. Happy birthday^^ whihihhi you bish your 1 year older.. XD

  9. Happy Birthday dude~~~ You still one year younger than me HOOHOHOHOHO

  10. Lol, im at office. Can't online here. But i will once i reach home <33

  11. i dun see you ingame


  12. Yade

    Lol! EINDELIJK! x3

  13. Lol,mine as usual. DocWizard XD!

  14. Akin

    Hey Yade nederlander? ikke ook :P:P zie je wel ingame ^^

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