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Status Updates posted by Michi

  1. I don't use my old characters too much. That's why, most likely. :B

  2. Nothing much. o.o

  3. Michi

    Ooh. :D I hope I'll see kayayaya online soon.

  4. Happy very fake birthday. D:

  5. Michi

    Security check? XD

  6. Michi

    I love being in a plane, it's amazing. :D

  7. Michi

    So that's tomorrow. :D

  8. Michi

    How long vacation left? D: Kaaayayyaya<3.

  9. Michi

    Oh, thanks a lot. :3

  10. Happy birthday if its your real bday.

  11. Michi

    Not in game, atm.

  12. Michi

    Ooh. Nope your char is not in because I kicked everyone because no one logged in. D:

    If you re-install it, then I'm gonna get you back again. >:c Have fun on your vacation. :3

  13. Michi

    Kayaaaaaaa. ;_;

    You need to be active on gRO. ;_;

  14. Michi

    I'm the only member, lol.

    So that's not active.

  15. Michi

    What's the LOL for?

    I'm good. o.o