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  1. When Hellbox was alive
  2. So what is really official? The script or the description?
  3. Man Kirito, you made yourself so hated and now, you're called the QQ Queen hahaha just kidding. Don't mind me.
  4. Which is instantly cured by Panacea u suck at testing. jk lol
  5. IM GAME FOR 1V1 BUT BOOST GX SKILLS PLS what happened to zerk sac dispel????? people use skills now??? jk
  6. IP ban pls and ban all related accounts LOL
  7. Our beastboy "fixed" sacrifice to not be affected by % modifier cards Overbrand and Cannon Spear should be working with the % modifiers though
  8. 123patsy

    Weird Problem

    press alt+f4. usually solves the problem
  9. 123patsy

    Client Crash Fixes

    I crash whenever I unequip my main gauche
  10. What does an Indian say when his mom leaves?

  11. They disabled it for a reason: it ruined bg. Just reduce players per team
  12. 123patsy

    Server Update

    Finally an update yay
  13. 123patsy

    Skill Balancings

    I like how the crybabies in pvp are rejoicing to this update
  14. Please don't nerf shield spell after leaphar just got owned by an RG earlier lol

  15. that's such a great idea! finally something useful from the mind from a stupid person like you!
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