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  1. Venom Sorry for late replay I need G.pipe in my mouth and i need some nice headgear not lux and i would like to add something more.

    make one Gm stand on back of my priest. :D

    please change some col. too Thanks

  2. 2hdci82.jpg

    there you goo...

  3. i Need ure ccolor , hstyle and hcolor for the 2 sinX and ure self and what color scheme would you want...

  4. Yeah I need Sig in Which 1 Priest Mauly 1 Sinx Male and 1 Female sitting next to me. Dont name tht 2 sinx Just Name Mauly anything good you like i m weak in sig

  5. How do you want ure siggie again??

  6. xMaulY

    Happy Birthday

  7. i added chooo !

  8. o-o im on vista my comp supports msn wierd x.x

  9. i got work today me no have bugs x.x

  10. i've seen better days... definatly have seen and felt better days....

  11. Oh. haha, that was just proof that i was here for a long time. :D

  12. Nagi Zzzz...

    I m Bored.

  13. xMaulY


    I hve Vista on my laptop it does not support msn messenger. I tried some 20 times.

    Pissed off..

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