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  1. When the tables are turned, I will show you no mercy!

  2. Nic check your account if there's Symbol of divinity and Vanilmirth hat o.o cant find it here in mine lol

  3. Billy

    lol its been the same <.< Billysaurus

  4. Billy


  5. still dlding my client now :S

  6. Not to mention the RPG (Runes and Masteries) elements in this game brings it to a higher level than DotA or HoN (I usually main on Twitch/Tristana/Ezreal and ocassionally Kennen)
  7. like reaaaal soon if possible o.o

  8. oit nic! i'll be coming in back so i need my thana/tao/events back in my account 8D

  9. not exactly yet unfortunately :X

    at least not after 2 more weeks xD

  10. Heya zie! been some time since i last stalked the forum XD

  11. lav joo baby <33

  12. glad to be of service :D

  13. keep crying there kid :D

  14. lol wow like seriously... he needs a life or wait...tissues would oughta do the job

  15. hey zie! dropping by to say hello!

  16. too busy to play lol =(

  17. so long gro, its been a good 2 years since i last played in this server now... however due to certain circumstances, i find it hard to continue playing gro now
  18. actually i take my words back, because gro IS your life. lol.

  19. o.o sup kevs? xD

  20. i'm stressed D88888

  21. lexaaaaaaaa! >:

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