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  1. dude pm me when u're on man, need some help here lol

  2. lexxxyyyyy get on quicklyyyy D::

    i'm having issues ._.

  3. Item Name: Victory Wings Item ID: 5357 Why do I want it?: its the very reason why i joined GRO lol. was randomly browsing through private server links in Google and i kind came across Argalatham's Signature with this headgear lol

    hhhmmmmmm btw... just a suggestion..... how bout anti QQ-ers and drama queen? xD


    everyone nominated "it" for that award LOL

  6. Billy

    i prefer the term 'it' lmfao forget skype i'm laughing my ass out now

  7. Billy

    LOL tranny indeed HAHAHAHAHAAA!!

    i wonder what made him change... too much of an impact for him perhaps? LOL

  8. Billy

    FUCK YEAH! no better word than that HAHAHAHAHAAA!!

  9. Billy

    @chis LOL AT THE T*****! figure out the word urself 8D

  10. oit sup! nth much xD

  11. that would be very very helpful jack :D owh btw your siggy's got big boobies lol. was that on purpose?

  12. some fukin smart ass DROPPED IT during woe, thank god its my spare one

  13. Thanks for the wishes :D

  14. Thanks for the wishes :D

  15. gosh.... do spare me your 8th 8D

  16. o.m.gosh are u friggin serious? o_O i went through almost 500+ friggin spoons and all i ever get is the ocassional "bok choy box" <_<

  17. *boom at extremely miniscule scale*

  18. *stares back*

  19. boooooreeeddddddd

  20. nth much commander

  21. o,o which head?

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