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  1. if all else fails... resort to random youtube videos xD

    ahh heck woe is starting soon x.x

  2. O.O honoured i feel.... LOL! XD

  3. Billy

    zomg toshi! i think i saw you yesterday morning near QV! LOL

  4. psssht... ironic to be called evil from the greater evil herself XDD

  5. you know, i actually bookmarked that thread just to come back once in a while to see his comments XD

    they really made my day LMAO!

  6. O.O idiotic comment that made me rotfl below me XD




  9. mleeeh XP

    might as well take those quiz and stuffs on facebook xD

  10. O.O LMAO!!

    well i randomly picked my IGN from idk where XD

    and why noooot! facebook is fuuuun XD

  11. faceboooooook! thats what ! x.x

  12. errr nope XD

    currently doing my assignment while being distracted xD

    errr should you be sleeping instead x.x

  13. bleeh <_< sry for not noticing then LOL

  14. mlehh.. thats too bad then xD

    O_O didnt know that you're the leader of apoc until just now LOL!

    don't mind me XD

  15. awww.... perth's not too bad itself =D

    although ofcourse melbs alot more lifely <_<

  16. yeap... melbourne to be exact xP

  17. umm... hi i guess? XD

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