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  1. Hi again marc.. do you understand malay? lol
  2. Man.. why with the online peek numbers :-(

  3. PLEASE PRAY FOR GAZA . "We dont ask you to come here with your arms because we are always ready to defend the land here for the Muslims," . "But, we only ask you for prayer because prayer is the greatest weapon for us as Muslims." . "Besides, please help us with whatever you can afford and please spread the words about us to all Muslims because we are ‪#‎currently_besieged‬ and cant get in touch with the outside world. ". . "If you still unable t...

  4. **ninja moves** been so long since the last time i visit this site. how's everything? i bet you guys still doing good. :3

  5. ha, ni encik blackberi user ni dh jd senior dh tu.. salam senior. tabiik hormat.
  6. lepak2 kt umah je musim2 hujan ni.. wakaka :3
  7. Yo guys.. Whats up? So how's GRo?

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    2. l Solex

      l Solex

      @sawkin lol. how many players online?

      @s4t4n i bet there are sill alot of imba skills/items/etc? and how abt woe?xD

    3. S4T4N


      yeah apparently some items are still missing, most skills still need updates apparently too, as for WoE dunno, been a long time i wasn't IG.

    4. l Solex

      l Solex

      lol.i hope the market price for items wont drop bad badly. xD

  8. my gosh i forgot my pass. lololol

  9. Hmmm... So how are things going on recently?

  10. be back when the server is stable and balanced again xD

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