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  1. I quit. Already installed. Been playing dis shit since I was 'bout 8 I believe. Most people who wern't disgusted, irrritated, or believed that little rumor about me...what was it again...oh yeah, something 'bout me being a fucking pedophile or something...well...yeah...the people who DIDNt believe that shit...im still in contact with. No need for long goodbyes. Peace gRO >_>
  2. Fucked with a Knife by Cannibal Corpse
  3. ..I offer 9.3 zeny. Thats... 9 3/10ths zeny.

  4. Woo, great guide, time to go enchant some shit -^.^-
  5. 1224 We're so close to 1 million
  6. Yeah...so I get expert rings Higher drop rate D:
  7. Arn't broochs like...a 3% drop from something? o,o
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