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  1. ..I offer 9.3 zeny. Thats... 9 3/10ths zeny.

  2. Woo, great guide, time to go enchant some shit -^.^-
  3. 1224 We're so close to 1 million
  4. Yeah...so I get expert rings Higher drop rate D:
  5. Arn't broochs like...a 3% drop from something? o,o
  6. I think expert rings are used for conevenience...cuz they're easy to obtain, y'know?
  7. This is a good guide! Good work ^-^
  8. 1) Did you even READ the guide? It doesn't matter how high your damage is, sooner or later the paladin will get annoyed from His slow speed His inability to hit you The temptation to not sac 2) Because as ninja you can kill any class? 3) Don't use MG? This isn't a FS build, so why would we even discuss that in this topic? And the reflect only lasts for 3 hits, and doesn't reflect too much against you, you'd kill him, I'm sure. 4) Don't post on the guide if you're putting in no input to thread and that your only goal is to criticize the guide and insult it at any given moment. If you have no constructive criticizm or anything of the sorts, don't post.
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