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  1. Shuichi

    Good Bye Thread

    This zorra... I miss you already, the gossip chats and such. But more costumes for me. See yah in Discord
  2. Shuichi

    B> Luk Glove [1] = Zeny /offer

    B> Luk Glove [1] = all my love... jk, zeny or leave offer PM/Mail: Shuichi Thank you!
  3. Shuichi

    Guide Event

    I wonder when we will receive the prizes...
  4. Shuichi

    Screenshot Thread

    Cute Cats Magicians with their spooky pets! (And that evil Jon)
  5. Shuichi

    Guide Event

    Woah! Thank you so much! Congratz to all winners! IGN: Shuichi
  6. Shuichi


    Bring back @Dothy~ and Loco pls
  7. Shuichi

    cant play with black screen!!!!!

    Try updating your Video Card Driver, also try to set different graphic settings (the option where you pick your video card right above your resolution settings) Or this might help you too: https://www.gatheringro.ch/_forum/topic/49562-i-can-only-see-12th-of-the-screen/
  8. Guía para Subir Nivel en GatheringRO Introducción: Primeramente, !Bienvenidos al Servidor! He visto que mucha gente de habla español han arribado al servidor, pero muchos se sienten algo perdidos por donde empezar. He pedido permiso a <GM> Khai para traducir esta guía para ustedes. Cabe destacar que este servidor es internacional y el host se encuentra en Alemania, la lengua que se utiliza es Inglés, es por eso que de buenas a primeras no encontrarán a gente que hable español (a menos que este yo ) . Esta es una guía básica y no está terminada, así que en cuanto la guía original siga actualizándose, lo haré también yo. !Comenzamos! Estos NPCs te ayudarán en tus travesías, no dudes en explorar cada uno de ellos ya que son siempre necesarios. Además de estos comandos, hay muchos más que siempre te sacarán de apuros. Te anexo link: Comandos en GatheringRO Hay muchos más elementos que puedes probar: Tablas de Elementos Paso 2: Renaces En Construcción Guía original: Leveling Guide Autor: @Khaii Edición y traducción: Shuichi
  9. Shuichi

    Shuichi's Art

    This time... my Whitesmith Pipimi! I really enjoyed doing this one, this headie and colors makes the character a happy character 💚
  10. Shuichi

    Shuichi's Art

    An extra drawing of this week, it was just a quick sketch but I decided to finish it hehe. That's how my ranger looks now ❤️
  11. Shuichi

    Shuichi's Art

    This week... my GX Shu Chan. This char is old!! I used to play WoE with her in Ghostz times. I hated to draw this one xD (nottrayingtogetattetion...huhu )
  12. Shuichi

    Shuichi's Art

    This week, my Genetic Meliora!! I really like how she looks in-game ☺️
  13. Shuichi

    Shuichi's Art

    :O Imma take a look to it! Thank you very much, Prince!
  14. Shuichi

    Shuichi's Art

    This week the turn is for Arystar, my arch bishop 💗 Goldy (I'm not used to draw many details, and since I draw with mouse, it was more painful y_y) But i liked it 😄
  15. Shuichi

    World Boss Nuisances

    Have no sense, Vio, you always were luring me those mobs to me anytime you could with your summoner, and now you can notice by yourself how annoying it is? I asked you many times to stop that. It would be enough if players can report who is luring those mobs to players in purpose like you did to me weeks ago. I also had to report you with a GM because it was annoying if you have 100%+ neutral resist and others are hitting the mob, then happen: It take more time to kill Belphegor (in this case) if hitters are receiving anytime a Comet in their faces only for a joy of troll person. Also, GMs have to take in consideration this fact and take care seriously those kind of reports.