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  1. Shuichi

    July Updates

    I can't see the part where it says Sharp Shooting skill its like... "nerfed" again? the casting time takes an eternity. Please fix it... RIP Rangers. Is fixed! somehow... thank you!
  2. Shuichi

    Shuichi's Art

    Forums seems to be a bit dead. I'm gonna share my last drawing, just to wipe the dust here.(I had no time to keep drawing, due my work and other stuffs) The Legendary Gacha and my ranger Shuichi... as usual lmao.
  3. True, EBF Shop and WoE shop needs some updates, last time was in May 2018 (?) if im not mistaken. As far as I know, the last update in Hunter Shop was in May 2018.
  4. Hi I just want to suggest more love to Pro Hunter Market... as new costumes / equipment since some equips like the BioLab ones can be done by quest (just for example). Also, some people don't even attend the Pro Hunter instances due to the lack of motivation in Pro Hunter Market (like my case and others). So, please take this into consideration.
  5. Every opinion is important fyi, so shake the salt. Peace out!
  6. I think you should chill a bit about it, not all care about ranks, and it works only for the first 10 players if I'm not mistaken :D, so laugh laugh, and that's something that actually isn't new at all, all ranks there are messed from years. But maybe our Admin can work for it later, for those OP WoE players. :3
  7. Oh c'mon... I try my best... in selling my crap there.
  8. Your guess? That's actually what I've said lmao oh boy... Anyway, good there will be an improvement for those who doesn't know how it works. And I recommend to try instances time to time, you or any of your GM Team if is necessary ^^.
  9. After killing Root, the portal is open and then there are two npcs just by walking some steps, they start talking after players get near, BUT we have to wait when NPCs end to talk so we can go to the left portal to kill mobs, then the First Commander would spawn, same step with the Commander from the Left. As for the second one, sometimes it take more time to spawn, and sometimes, we just kill a few mobs and there is spawn in less than a minute. Personally, we barely have that problem (to be exact just 2 times) but that was because we didn't let the npcs end to talk, we just walked straight to the portal to kill all the mobs. We are not sure if is that the problem, but we always wait until they end to talk so we can continue.
  10. It's an official feature, even if I'm agree about to remove it, it's a thing that was missing here related to Mercenaries. I've talk with friends who plays in other servers and they commented why mercenary thingy was completly easy to get here, and that was YEARS ago. If we are pretty much attached to official features, and get used to it, I think we can get used with something that actually have time ago running in other servers. I do use Mercenaries, and this actually hits me hard, but I was aware about this time ago, and I was expecting such thing late or soon in here. As you say, Theo, there are other things more important to complain at, but not because it says "is official" its an authoritary thing, it was just a must in that mechanic. Just my opinion. Peace
  11. Shuichi

    December Update

    I'm not PvP player, but sharp shooting damage in mobs is reduced.
  12. Shuichi

    December Update

    Yes... I've noticed this too... the damage has been reduced since this last update.
  13. Shuichi

    December Update

    I'm sorry... where it says all magic damage in mobs are buffed? Because are extremly high now. One fire ball from Ifrit or Comet in WBE (for example) can kill you with one hit, this is not good for newbies who wanna try wbe or Instances... not if they aren't using gtb. Or why are those magic skills on mobs buffed now? Maybe I'm missing something. Thanks.
  14. This zorra... I miss you already, the gossip chats and such. But more costumes for me. See yah in Discord
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