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  1. Sorry to all, my internet is down. I cant get online cause my provider messed up.

  2. And here is picture number 3: i made it a little harder this time by only using square shapes. Alright, winners for this round are Aii, Melo and Laer. This is the picture People who won 2 times already: raphaelluigi Melo Laer
  3. its already on my to-do list.
  4. Winners for today are, S4T4N, raphaelluigi (this is your second win) and Laer. Congratz. Next picture will be online at 7:00 pm gmt+1 tomorrow (just in case my internet is gone again til the evening.) To all the winners, since its a bit unfair if i decide on a prize for you (not really unfair but i wouldnt know your tastes D:) please go to ratemyserver->renewal item search and search for Armor/Costumes. please PM me what costume you want and its yours (of course raphaelluigi, you may pick 2 costumes for yesterday and today.) Players that have won 2 times already: raphaelluigi Here is todays solution:
  5. Here is the picture for today. As always, download the picture, try to solve the puzzle and upload it to: image-upload.de then, send me the link with the finished picture. It doesnt have to be perfect but the pieces have to be at the right place.
  6. Read the Christmas Event Thread and tell everyone about it.

  7. I am very very sorry. I intended to post the next picture at 1 pm but my internet went down and i had some business with my family to take care of. Hope you guys arent too mad. I will post the next picture at 7:00 pm gmt+1 so everyone has time to join the thread.
  8. you can win up to 2 times. I want everyone to have a chance.
  9. Yes, same procedure as today.
  10. raphaelluigi, leaphar and Melo won this first round. Next picture, tomorrow (15.12.2013) at 1:00 pm gmt+1 I will send out the prices for this round, at the same time too. The solution for this round was :
  11. Alright, as i promised, here is the Christmas Forum Event 2013. Oh, no, someone ripped apart the christmas card i wanted to send to my family. Can you help me piece it back together ? Please download the picture, open it in MS paint and then try to piece it back together. If you did, please upload it here: image-upload.de and send me the Link per pm on the forums. First 3 to solve it, get a prize. This event has ended! Checkout our Christmas ingame Event
  12. It seems like i need a bit more time for the Christmas Quest (about 2~3 days) since there are some errors which i cant make sense of. But as a compensation, i will do a Forum event starting on December 14th. So be sure to participate.
  13. Yeah, sorry. I messed up the descriptions a bit. It actually gives you 10 mdef when its loyal.
  14. Beastboy

    Small Rebalancings

    if you gave the brother 1m zeny, you can talk to the SN at beach_dun2
  15. Beastboy

    Small Rebalancings

    this patch brings you the following: Skill Changes: Increased damage of Bash Increased damage of Mammonite Increased damage of Holy Cross Increased damage of Double Strafe Increased damage of Sharp Shooting Job Changes: Implemented attack speed modifier for supernoviceMisc Changes: introduced novice backpack as a possible reward for the Extended Supernovice job quest
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