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  1. epiclesis heals thru gtb but it also heals ur enemies in and outside of WoE...s0o its kind of a downside to use it during clashes, where enemies are all over the place LONG LIVE MY CUTE FACE!!
  2. and take not that "multiplier cards" no longer work on sacri, such as Abysmal knight and Hydra cards... ) LONG LIVE MY CUTE FACE!!
  3. i partly agree w/ this suggestion...but make it around 5k damage...10-20k is too much ) LONG LIVE MY CUTE FACE!!
  4. first of all, as it was said; Suras are never ABLE to use body reloc in BG, s0o ur NOW never really existed...hehe and 2nd, if u cant play Sura w/o body reloc in BG, maybe u shudnt play sura at all...i can see some peeps playing it in BG and they dont have the slightest problem...its like, ur suggesting to enable backslide in WoE...its very unlikely to happen ) LONG LIVE MY CUTE FACE!!
  5. i feel the need to repost this 1...and remove the spoiler, increase the font size and make it BOLD for those people who doesnt care to read that much...tsk tsk tsk hehehe LONG LIVE MY CUTE FACE!!
  6. yeah...each rune has a different chance rate to success, just like cooking kits...but it doesnt really matter here since we are a high rate server...s0o any rune wud do ) @topic nice guide ^^ LONG LIVE MY CUTE FACE!!
  7. isnt it clear enough?? LONG LIVE MY CUTE FACE!!
  8. Error I've experienced BEFORE: I simply cant finish the patcher...it just keeps on buffering and if it had given an error, it takes a lot of time to do s0o...hahaha (i go to a friend's house to patch my gRO XD ) Error I experience NOW: Err:WinInet:FtpOpenFile - '2011-12-31_gdata_x.gpf' (null) Anti Virus / Firewall Software I use: Avast Anti Virus Firewall = custom by the OS My Operation System: Windows XP Vienna
  9. found it...nvm ) LONG LIVE MY CUTE FACE!!
  10. i cant seem to find the mobs that drops yello/blue/red-colored gems...and i tried using yellow/blue/red gemstones and they dont work ) PS: NICE WORK!! <3 LONG LIVE MY CUTE FACE!!
  11. more miths on the server wud mean lesser mith value... its simply like a country w/ a lot of circulating money in it, the monitory value of that certain country wud decrease...hence, adding more mithrils (due to the disenchantment of god helms) wud cus the price of miths to go down, dramatically. ... if i may, i wud like to suggest something (altho i knw this is not the right place for it, hahaha) ... if ever the God-helm Disenchantment quest wud be implemented, it wud be best to have the "Coin System" back (like pre-wipe)...the price of miths wud decrease but w/ the coins-for-zeny around, we cus still save the economy (that is by slowly converting the trading system from miths to coins)...if not, then id say get ready for "1k miths = LK"...hehehehe LONG LIVE MY CUTE FACE!!
  12. yeah...and feather of angel wing seems to be OPed atm...muahahahahaha LONG LIVE MY CUTE FACE!!
  13. i thought they do GHOST PROP attk too...hahahaha...silly me...LOLx ~thnx to Beastboy for doing it for me LONG LIVE MY CUTE FACE!!
  14. philippines (during xmas season) LONG LIVE CUTE FACE!!
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