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  1. Crit is made for bypass flee users only. Perfect dodges is made for anti normal hits. --> Which means , it doesn't block skills ( So you might wants to use skills against those type of players.) This is definitelly something that we won't make an exception to ruin people way of playstyle.
  2. Khaii

    Hosted Halloween Events

    Attack speed potions are fine. Others nope . Also removed King Poring Card restriction.
  3. Khaii

    Hosted Halloween Events

    WerewolfFest Schedule Sun 18-Nov 20:20 Sun 18-Nov 23:20 Wed 21-Nov 11:20 Note: After World Boss The next Jakk Schedule Tues 20-Nov 11:20 Wed 07-Nov 16:20 finnished Tues 06-Nov 11:20 finnished Temporary server time schedules WerewolfFest Event How to Play * GM will be the story teller: - Will divide the roles by pubbing, the player will be pmed for his/her role. - Follow the story for steps, GM will pm you in time - Be clever, good at fooling people, detective skills etc. - Try to win with your team. (it's basically werewolves v.s altheans) Event Roles Werewolf/Werewolves: Kill Althean(s) at midnight. Witch/Witches: Ability to revive or kill an Althean. (only once) Thief/Thieves: Ability to switch role with anybody but only at the beginning. Altheans: Normal citizens with no special abilities. They'll have to use their detective skills to outsmart and eliminate the werewolf/werewolves. Cupido: Ability to couple up any 2 people, however if a linked person dies, both go six feet under. Note: The witch,thief and cupido are altheans with a special ability. (once used, they become normal as well.) The next "Jakk" (PvP) Event How to play * The hoster will ask a pvp related question at the very beginning, whoever answers it right first will be disguised as "Jakk" * The chosen "Jakk" recieves 2 points and will be summoned inside the colosseum PvP map, waiting for a worthy challenger. * To become a challenger, you will have to be the first to answer the next question which is being asked from the hoster. * Main goal is to reach 5 points in total, to become the main winner of this event. - Each killed challenger equals 1 point. - A challenger who kills the "Jakk" will become Jakk him-/herself and receives 3 points. PvP Rules * Only adventurer gear set is allowed to be worn * The hoster provides you an upper headgear * Mid/low headgear and 1x accessory slot should remain empty * Only farmable shield + max +10 weapon is allowed * Max. 2 boss cards * Max. 1 mini boss card * All skills are allowed except Full Throttle * None usable/healing items (only element converter, attack speed potions are allowed) * The hoster buffs you with "Full chemical protection" before the battle starts
  4. Nope, warmer is a buff support skill.
  5. Khaii

    Leveling Guide

    25 with job lvl 10 -> 70 with 50 job lvl -> 99 with job lvl 70 orso. And i don't feel to add mercenary, cause i want the player to understand their own class I'll stil add more tips for people who's not max yet for the third class job.
  6. Khaii

    Leveling Guide

    Click here : Commands Click here : Element Tables Step 2 : Rebirth! Under construction
  7. Khaii

    Welcome Topic

    Welkom welkom 😜! Ben geen belg of nederlander~ Maar spreek wel nederlands + woon daar xD. 30jaar oud is nog altijd jong, groen is één van mijn top favouriete kleur! Hopelijk hebben we iets leuks voor jou hier. Tot gauw he >.O
  8. Khaii

    Summer Event 2018 (Full details)

    Pharaoh event wil start in about 3 hours.~ Be prepared!
  9. Khaii

    Summer Event 2018 (Full details)

    I can only make an exception for the last team who can't find their third member. So you wil need to be 2 atleast. Also here's the result of the first summer event :
  10. Khaii

    Summer Event 2018 (Full details)

    First summer event : Era of the pharaoh and the queen wil start within 1 hour and 40 minutes after the wordbosses. Go create your team now gogogo!
  11. Khaii

    Summer Event 2018

    Time schedules (based on server time GMT+1) : Era of the Pharaoh and the Queen Sun 08-July 20:20 / Wed 18-July 23:20 / Fri 27-July 16:20 Note : After worldbosses It's Breakfast Time! Fri 13 July 03:20 / Sun 15-July 23:20 / Mon 23-July 16:20 Click here for the full details of the events : Summer Event 2018 (Full details)
  12. Summer Event 2018 Time schedules (based on server time GMT+1) : Era of the Pharaoh and the Queen Sun 08-July 20:20 / Thurs 19-July 23:20 / Sat 28-July 16:20 Note : After worldbosses Result of 08 July : It's Breakfast Time! Fri 13 July 03:20 / Sun 15-July 23:20 / Friday 27-July 16:20 The Rewards : Chance to win an exclusive summer costume / a bottled water (permanent summer looks) and so on!!!
  13. Khaii

    Four Seasons PvP Tournament 2018

    Heya miconi, i would love to hear more of your feedbacks if it's possible xD Thank you for providing a feedback. There's a few months in between each season as to give people time to gather equips or boost their skills. However, having godly equips doesn't always mean they're the better player. There's other factors involved such as being able to predict, switch, counter, having backup plans, reflex, outsmarting, timing, battle experiences and etc etc. That's why there is Battleground and WOE and players shouldn't be afraid to ask others for help in game. The player can also join the first season battle to get a feel of what to expect. It took Mulan more than one night to train in order to defeat the Huns. mulan know how to dodge attacks by having 1000+ flee Are you the mulan? or are you those huns who only rely on brute force by using gods such as : Megingjard etc etc... That's for you to decide xD
  14. Hello GatheringRO Players! Are you a pvp enthusiast? Well, the GM Team would like to hear your feedback about this. What still needs to be added? - The pvp rules - The schedule - The prizes What is the purpose of this event? * Having FUN * Force you to pick one of the selected classes based on the current season. (See picture below) - It'll give you the chance to experience other classes. Since exploring GatheringRO is part of the fun * For a better clear view of pvp balancing. * If this event is running smooth. We might add an additional super novice battle, second class only or baby class (without mvp) / as a bonus stage. We're awaiting your feedback. Cheers >.O
  15. Khaii

    HD Oridecon Sprite Missing

    Make sure to close your gro while doing that 😛 So it wil be smooth~ Cheers