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  1. Excuse me if I dyed you red.

  2. 'Ai mate!

    Shitz about to go down. x)

  3. Thought I'd join in and post some pics'n stuff. Recent me: Slightly older: Cheers.
  4. Whuz' down missus? >]<

    It's killing time.

    Now, tell me why B.B Hood keeps creeping up on me. <.<

  5. Hmpf..

    Yeah lil' P, pick me for a twisted Valentine-scheme, alright.

    Would you like another round in Glastheim with that?

    ~smirks innocently~

  6. Actually, no. I'm still downloading the client. It's been ages since I've last played this game, should be interesting.

    Typed your email into Google search and voila.

    I thought I would attempt a little late-night scare.

    How are you my fair princess? Still looking for your lost kingdom?

  7. Hey. New to gRO, but not to the game. I'm from the UK and my particular interests include music, gaming photography and art. I hope to get in touch with some interesting people, and I should probably mention that I enjoy disscusions of all kinds. That's all. San~
  8. Perdy, I presume?

    s' been a while.

    You have one guess. =]

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